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My Top 10 Animated Movies…So Far

It has been 3 weeks that I posted a list, simply due to the fact that instead of posting lists on Fridays every 2 weeks I will post it weekly so to start fresh I let last week pass. And the reason why I did it, is because I think you deserve it and I have fun doing lists ! So I hope you enjoy this one !:)

Here are some honorable mentions :

  • Ratatouille
  • Toy Story 3
  • Shrek
  • How To Train Your Dragon
  • Coraline


10. Kung Fu Panda


The reason why this movie is in front of those referenced in the honorable mentions is because of its comedy factor. It is so funny, I literally couldn’t stop laughing every time someone talked, and even the sequels are super funny. Besides the story is cool, the characters are awesome and the fight scenes are pretty great too.

9. Inside Out


This isn’t the best movie of Pixar but it is a very good one ! The highlights of the film are the Emotions, and that really helps the story because it turns it unique. Also, the plot has some interesting twists and outcomes throughout and really shows how the stage of the teenage years are rough to handle, so it was interesting to see Pixar taking on that.

8. Big Hero 6


This animation flick came out as a surprise for everyone, I saw it during a stage where I was seeing every animated movie and I completely loved it. The characters are super relate-able, the plot has a super twist, the action scenes are straight taken out from an action movie and who doesn’t love Baymax. He is so caring and loving but also can be a kick ass robot and the death scene was one that I didn’t saw coming !

7. Wall – e


Now prepare because there is coming a storm created by Pixar ! This film is one of the finest work of Pixar, its story is about a robot who falls in love with another robot in a destroyed earth. And with that plot they were able to make an emotional and beautiful movie that will stay in our memories for a long time.

6. Up


Another emotional and heartfelt movie, “Up” is my sister’s favorite Pixar movie if not favorite animated movie ever. The story is pretty interesting and different ( which I think is very important in a movie ) and the characters were perfect for each other delivering together a sentimental and hopeful tale. And fun fact – whenever I see balloons I remember this film and try to imagine my apartment flying by them, weird right ?

5. Zootopia


I am super glad that this out of nowhere movie passed straight through the box office numbers of the godawful overrated movie “Frozen” ( in my opinion, the most cliché animated movie of all time ) but moving on. This flick really proved to be what the numbers state, it was very funny, the animal characters are very well used based on each attribute, the two main characters have such a good bonding chemistry and the story actually worked really well. So bring on a sequel !

4. Monsters, Inc.


One of Pixar first movies, “Monsters, Inc.” became one of my favorites when I was little and Mike was my personal favorite, I mean don’t get me wrong I loved Sullivan but I preferred the one eyed freak. So the concept was pretty cool and the story is an overall joy however being little that time I still believed in monsters but I started to think that they were good so I think that this is a good way for kids to look at them or at least surpassed their fear.

3. Finding Nemo


I always cry when Marlin and Nemo finally meet up. It is wonder how this film worked so well, and what I like most about it is the obstacles and all the creatures that Marlin and Dory had to encounter to find Nemo who is trapped in an aquarium in a dentist room, outside of the sea, of course. The characters are very well performed by the voice actors and Dory is super funny coupled with cringing and eye catching moments. I could watch this film any time of the day even with the girl from the dentist who still gives me the creeps to this day.

2. The Incredibles


You may think that there are others on the list that deserve more this place but I just can’t do that, simply because I have seen this movie fifty times and I would still watch it again ! I loved superheroes back then ( mainly due to Spiderman ) so an animated film of superheroes just made me fell in love with it, the memorable characters are absolutely fantastic, every scene is awesome whether they are talking in a table or fighting in a forest, the music is perfect, there are some moments where you would think that this is not just for kids which I think is great, I hated the villain so much and I legit remember almost every scene of it – where they were ? why ? who ? – and that just proves how much I adore this feature. Shame that the sequel is only coming in 2019, “Toy Story 4” is even coming before, why don’t you end that bloody franchise already or at least release it after “The Incredibles 2” because they deserve more than a sequel then they did.

1. The Lion King


Now, I don’t know if I can write more than the last one, but I will try since this is the first entry. So where do I start ? Well, it is f*cking “Lion King”, pretty much every kid has seen this masterpiece of an animation. The characters are impossible to forget because they are so epic, the perfect animated villain is reached, and brought to life by the legendary Jeremy Irons, someone actually dies in an animated movie and it left everyone crying, the songs were the best of the best giving props to “Be Prepared” which proved that the bad guys can sing too and who doesn’t remember the words “Hakuna Matata” said by our favorite duo – Timon and Pumba – who gave us a reason to relax more, in my viewing but maybe it wasn’t suppose to send that message though who cares I interprate that way and I like that way. In conclusion, the King of the savannah proved how Disney can do a magnificent animated feature !


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