The Do Over Movie Review

‘The Do Over’ Movie Review

Was The Do Over a Do See or a Do Not?

I must say that Adam Sandler has a huge success in almost every movie he has ever starred in, produced for, or written out. And Do Over unfortunately just misses that mark we are used to for Sandler.

The Do Over features Adam Sandler(Max) and David Spade(Charlie) as high school compadres meet back up at their high school reunion, and hit the reset button on life. A real Do-over! When he realizes his life was crap, and he was totally happy with the do-over he was given.

Our Dynamic duo stumble up upon an item that launches the entire movie and that will change their new lives forever. Sandler and Spade assume the identities of wanted criminals, and are on the run without the knowledge of their pursuers.

This film had wonderful cut-scenes, and a great soundtrack that always had you eagerly waiting to see what would happen next. At one point we were not sure this was a bad film or a bad dream, but we were easily guided back to reality when Spade would realize why he stopped hanging out together. Max was freaking crazy, he took him out on this awesome guy bonding day, fishing, hooters, and crazy yacht rafting, and then DEATH!

Spade wakes up after being drugged and kidnapped, to find out that Max(Sandler) has faked their own deaths, and assumed the identity of two dead bodies that were no longer in use of their credentials, or money.

The two guys that they assumed had been working on a medical breakthrough that had been halted by some dangerous criminals, that wanted to sell it off to the highest bidder. During the viewing of the Do Over we were actually shocked at the mind bending climax, and we know you will be also.

To wrap this review up in short;
The Do-over had its moments, when it was hilarious and gut busting, but those moments were very short lived. In between sub-par action sequences and cheesy girl fights, the Do over definitely drove home a great message, and that’s “What would you do to survive?”
we give it a 7 out of 10 the comedy could have been thought out, and applied. More so we think that if you are looking for a movie to pass the time and have a few laughs then The Do Over is just for you.


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