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Predictions for ‘The Blacklist’ season 4 premiere

Since that fateful day in May when we all witnessed what we thought would be a miracle, it was short-lived because that Miracle was taken from us almost in the same amount of time.

WARNING: Spoilers hide in the shadows of this article for The Blacklist Season 3, if you have not watched season 3, abort mission and you will know nothing.

We normally don’t do a lot of predictions for TV Shows, but I noticed you all really like to speculate with us, so we are going to try our hand at a few other shows that we enjoy immensely. First thing we need to discuss is The Blacklist season 4 premieres on Thursday September 2, 2016 @ 10PM. This is an hour up from its original air time at 9pm, this means we just need to stay up an hour longer to see our favorite task force taking on the bad guys.

Now when we left our faithful cast, Red had just been betrayed by Mr. Kaplan, and we learned that Lizzie faked her death with assistance from the Doc and Mr. Kaplan, along with Tom Keen. We were introduced to Lizzie and Tom and the new baby! But our introduction was short enjoyed because people showed up and snatched up Lizzie Tom and the baby. In the closing sequence of Alexander Kirk part 2, we finally find out that Alexander Kirk is indeed Constantin Rostov Katerina Rostov’s(Elizabeth Keen)¬†father.

What to do with this information.. Well I know that we will see Red wreaking havoc with the assistance of his new buddies from the Cobalt, and he will find Alexander Kirk, and I am almost positive that this could be the final season for The Blacklist, just due to the fact that I don’t see much more content left for our Taskforce nor do I see a reason to continue the Keen family storyline either.

However a big thing happened that we all might have missed which is the spin-off series titled “The Blacklist Redemption” which is going to shed some light on Tom Keen and his reunited mother Susan Hargrave, who doesnt know she is his mother. The premeire date is set to be announced, so stay with us for more on that when it is revealed.

Predictions for The Blacklist Season 4 -NuRevue
Remember this guy? Wasn’t he shot and left for dead by Tom Keen? Well he is still in the wind..and could be coming back

Now this is a question that I know is on everyones mind, but what happened to Mr Solomon? We saw him get shot by Tom Keen, and then we see him show up at the end, with his guns blazing and then he ducks off into an alley way. So do you think we will see him again in season 4? Or do you think he will show up on Redemption to try and get revenge on Tom and the Artax Network? What do you think is going to happen to Liz and the baby, will she go into Protective custody from Reddington, or do you think that She will kill both Red and Alexander and dissapear?

What are your theories? We would love to hear them in the comments below, and if they are really good we will add them to the article.


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