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Massive XBox Beta app gives you ultimate control

XBox Beta app has given us the Power!!

Microsoft has launched an update on windows 10 XBox beta app, that adds the features they revealed last month. The Beta app now lets you download your GameDVR clips from XBox live to your PC and edit them with the video editor of your choice, and then… upload it right back to your xbox live to be shared on your feed. (Revolutionary) But of course there is more! Another feature the beta app gives you access to is a Top PC games section which has its own hub now. Aside from the video editing my other favorite is you can now directly share to Twitter from the XBox beta app! — Shameless plug follow me @HexedGamer for all the latest streams and videos. —

So here is a complete list of the features we now have access to(Thanks Microsoft)

To Recap

  • Edit and share video clips with any editor
  • Share to Twitter from XBox beta app
  • Top PC game support including it own hub
  • Customizing your profile has been enhanced
  • Better friends suggestion engine
  • See your XBox friends in the people app on Windows
  • Obvious performance and bug fixes

Want to see this awesomeness for yourself go to Windows store and get the XBox Beta App and enjoy the POWER!

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