Is Suicide Squad Going To Be BvS Version 2 ?


I was hoping I would write this rant with a different title but, unfortunately, I have some bad news. Rotten Tomatoes gave a 33 rating to Suicide Squad, so basically, a BvS rating. What a shame !

What is happening to DC ? Of course, it could end up being good, but I doubt that. I mean I liked BvS but Suicide Squad cannot suffer the same problems, I even heard people who saw it already say that they wanted to like it but it just wasn’t worth it.

How could this happen, the movie has a stellar cast, talented director and an awesome concept, then again BvS had that also and it turned out the wrong way. Although, it is just unfair, how is DC failing so much ? I must confess that now I am not that much pumped up to see it as I was before.

I was going to make this rant about wether Suicide Squad was going to flop or not, but since the reviews were released and not only Rotten Tomatoes gave a bad rating, Metacritic gave it a 43, which means that it will most likely flop.

It is truly a shame, I thought that DC was going to redeem himself, but it is just another shot to their face. I don’t know maybe I am exagerating, maybe the critics just don’t like DC, there were some of them that exagerated too much about BvS or maybe DC just can’t do good movies. I hate to say this, me being a DC fan, but Marvel is always going to be the superior.

Oh well, we just have to wait and see, but in my opinion is just gonna be another version of BvS. Damnit DC step it up !

What is your opinion on this horrible reviews ?


3 thoughts on “Is Suicide Squad Going To Be BvS Version 2 ?

  1. It’s really sad. The marketing campaign was awesome and it’s looking like the movie is not living up to it. 😦 I had high expectations for it, guess it’s time to temper it before I watch. DCEU might be in serious trouble after this one.

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