Comic Con Rampage – Movie Version


Since Comic Con happened not too long ago, I decided to post two rants about it. The movie version, where I talk about the most impactful movie trailers of the event and the tv show version, where I speak about the most impactful tv show trailers. So as you see on the title above, I am going to do the movie version so prepare yourself and enjoy !


When I heard that this movie was a spin – off of Harry Potter, I thought that it was just an excuse to “continue” the franchise, you know, for more money. And I still think that, however that does not mean that it will not be a good movie, quite on the contrary, from the trailer it looks fun, it has a good concept, nice effects and an interestin cast. I am actually pumped up to watch it when it comes out, I hope it will be good but since is associated with J.K Rowling, I have nothing to fear.


I only put this trailer on here because of its potential to be a blockbuster movie. This is a reboot of King Kong, much like what they did with Godzilla, who promises a lot of CGI, flat characters and cliches but also promises awesome scenes and sequences where we get to see a super giant gorilla beat the living crap out of everything that moves a finger, besides “babe” Brie Larson stars in it and Tom Hiddleston too, so instant sucess. Although, it will most likely flop just like Godzilla did but still it created epic moments and this one won’t be different.


This Marvel film transmits nothing to me because I didn’t even knew that there was a character named Dr. Strange, though after this trailer ( I didn’t saw the first one ) I am kind of liking it. It is “Marvel funny”, it got spectacular effects, awesome shots and another interesting cast, what I don’t get it is the story but that is what the movie is for – to tell a story. I am not dying to see it but I am not going to ignore it either so definitely looking foward. Besides it is a Marvel movie !


This for me is the best trailer of the whole Comic Con ! The reasons why pass by the cringeworthy music, epic sequences and shots, it is actually funny and it produces a great representation of Wonder Woman and her story. I have already watched it for 30 times now and I still get goosebumps, man I hope they get this one right. Finally, a superhero movie where the hero is a woman and Wonder Woman is the perfect one to start that wave of heroine movies, in addition, they gave her that theme song and let me tell you that it suits her perfectly. To any one that said that Gal Gadot was going to be a bad Wonder Woman, I have a message for you – F*CK YOU ! Chris Pine is pretty funny too !


DC won Comic Con this year, just like last year, first “Wonder Woman”, then the final trailer for “Suicide Squad ” and now “Justice League” ( not counting the tv shows ). A thing that I am really surprised about is the renovation of DC, they changed their logo, the mood is less dark and more funny and the characters seem more important and with more personality. I know that Zack Snyder directed the part one because this was before the whole fan rampage so I don’t know what to expect, then again Superman is not in it ( maybe it will appear at the end ) and the Justice League isn’t really going to fight the bad guy directly, only on part 2 so that could help. Now, in relation to the trailer, Batman is pulling of some jokes that are actually funny, Aquaman portrayed by the great Jason Momoa is really awesome and the Flash is so cool and so funny, much better than the one from the tv show ( it is more funny, less depressive and most importantly it does not look corny ) giving props to the batarang throw scene. As far as Cyborg is concerned, I still have to know him better but I cannot stop feeling that there should be another one included in the group for example Green Lantern, I know that Superman is coming back but still, another addition to the League would be great. Concluding, I will be seeing it, of course but I don’t expect that much, only on part 2.

So, overall, the trailers were all awesome ! And I know that I didn’t rant the Suicide Squad’s final trailer but as you may know I don’t like to see the trailers of any movie, only the ones that I am most anticipated about and even then, I only watch the first one. The reason behind that is that some of them ruined the movie for me before and I just like to be surprised, for example thanks to the trailer 2 of CA : CW and BvS, I saw Spiderman appearing and Doomsday showing up revealing the reason why Superman and Batman stopped fighting.

Moving on, just to let you know that I will post the tv show version in a week  ( next wednesday ).

Which trailer did you like more ? And why ?


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