Wayward Pines S02E06 / E10 – Review


First of, I know I said that I would be posting the “Comic Con Rampange – TV Version” yesterday but, unfortunately, I couldn’t so I decided that from now on I won’t promise to post on any day and just post whenever I feel like it following the same schedule of course until a new comes out with the tv shows ( however the top 10 lists and the movie reviews still continue ). Now that I got that out of my head let’s start this quick review, and I say quick because there isn’t that much to say, nothing happened really on the second half of the season, it was BORING as hell !

Let’s see what it was bad, the characters are still awful ( I can’t relate with anybody not even the main character ) they look like characters from Fear The Walking Dead, the story didn’t advance one bit they just focused on the female Abby and that’s it, also there were no cool or special moments either, it was just BORING !!!

The only thing cool was Jason’s death scene with Kerry and that episode as a matter of fact was pretty intense and the revealing that Kerry was Jason’s mom was mind blowing, despite that the rest was BORING.

In addition, have I mentioned that they completely got rid of any of the characters from season 1, I understand they want to move on but come on, don’t waste characters with so much potential, but no you just straight kill them. The villain was stupid and boring and the hero didn’t offer anything new too, they still show flashbacks from characters  (which are painfull to see ), the story barely advanced throughtout the season and the Abbies did mostly nothing ( I don’t care of motherf*cking crops being burned ) and in the end their plan actually suceeded with no consequences they just entered the pods and done, not even the Abbies entered the town they were just all gathered by the female leader – Margaret. I mean is that suposed to make us stay in schocking state because that is not working, you are acting like we never saw an army of Abbies.

You better improve on season 3 ( the last season ) and end it logically. Don’t put any type of bullsht and don’t drag out damnit ! However, most importantly, do something NEW !!! I don’t know, make them leave the town for a little bit because Abbies vs Wayward Pines is getting old as fck !

I whished they stopped on season 1 and don’t move on from that, at least if only they were smart with the characters and use them properly. It is a true shame !

I rant : 5,0 / 10 ( PURE SH*T


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