Comic Con Rampage – TV Version


The TV version is finally here ! Hope you like it !😉

Note : These are the trailers that I will be ranting because they are the only TV shows that I watch that it was made a trailer for at Comic Con.


I seriously don’t know how to feel about this season ! In one hand, I like it because the characters are completely different and the environment seems new too however in the other hand, I don’t like it because it undoes everything that happened in the last seasons and Barry Allen’s character suffers the same effect to. This is just an excuse to put the Reverse Flash more into the story and freshen up the series, I must say, it is a good move but in story wise it doesn’t quite work. Although, from the trailer, it seems that it will be another good season still accompanied by his cheesiness ( which I hate ) but also accompanied by his incredible twists and moments. Looking foward for it, of course !


“Arrow” turns out to be the same thing as the “Flash”. The only difference is that it doesn’t stay fresh, you can introduce characters and even restore locations but it doesn’t feel new, at least not anymore. While the problem with the “Flash” is the excessive cheesiness, on “Arrow” is the excessive superhero clichês ( even though I like some of the fight sequences ). Frankly, I am starting to get bored of this show, and the generic villain every season doesn’t help either, I mean we don’t even know who he really is in this season, but it will most likely be another boring baddie. What I expect is the same as the other seasons, generic superhero vs villain story.


Now this show has both ! Clichês and cheeseness, oh boy, and how much it has. Wether is the generic music, fight scenes, dialogue, dumb characters or even the stupid plot. I only watch this because of its universe and also because I promised myself to watch every TV show from DC, so. The only thing interesting about it was the ending of last season but even that wasn’t so great, so for me, this show is super corny and childish ( sometimes…or not ), not even the action can fix it. What the trailer shows is basically that, the cheesiness and cliched part of it, so nothing more to say. However, let’s see what they have in store for season 2 !


This show in the other hand, is an awesome superhero TV show that luckily has the best source material thanks to the Batman universe. It is epic and makes very cool moments, and this next season won’t be different, specially now that Fish Mooney is back ! There are characters ( mainly villains ) that I like where they are heading in the story an how they get involved, however when I don’t like something I try to think that this isn’t really creating the history of Gotham ( I know it is weird but they can screw up sometimes ). In relation to the trailer, it leaves some excitment to season 3 which is working very well for me. I won’t miss it !


Uau  ! DC not only won in the movies but also in the TV shows ! Better watch out Marvel ! Now, this awesome show, gave me a huge surprise back when I started watching it. In the beginning, it was kind of dull, but as it progressed it had a huge evolution of entertainment, mainly due to Lucifer’s character which is the most enjoyable thing I have ever seen in a TV show. In addition, let’s also state that this has a little police style ( I hate police tv shows and anything related to it ), though, what this show does is focus more on the story of Lucifer instead of the cops stuff. Besides the action parts are awesome. The characters are awesome. The music is awesome. The settings are awesome. The story is awesome. Everything about it is fcking awesome !!! In the trailer it showed a little recap from season 1 and showed interesting things on the next season, so I am very excited about it ! Can’t fcking wait !


Which trailer did you like more ? Why ?


Comment below and let's talk about it

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