My Top 10 Comedy Movies…So Far

I don’t think I need to introduce anything so, let’s just get through the list.

Here are my honorable mentions :

  • Due Date
  • The Heat
  • Hot Fuzz
  • Easy A
  • Deadpool ( I didn’t find that funny sorry😦 )


10. Death At The Funeral


This may seem as an odd choice for you, and trust me, it is for me too. However, the reason behind me liking this movie so much, was the great comedy. Wether it was good jokes or even bad jokes, I always ended up laughing, it was that damn good. Besides, the performances were very funny too, so if you are looking for a new comedy that will make you laugh you should check this one out ! You won’t regret it !

9. Horrible Bosses 


Joining this actors together were brilliant because they delivered not only one movie but also a sequel who entertained everybody just as the first time. From the jokes, to the action, to the story and even to the development of the characters. I still remember when I watched it for the first time, I said that I wasn’t going to leave ( ’cause I was watching it in the house of my mom’s friend ) until it was over.

8. Spy


Now, I like Melissa Mcarthy’s movies ( ones better than others ) but overall she is a stellar actor when it comes to comedies. And this movie was no different, accompanied by a great cast – Jude Law, Rose Byrne, Jason Staham and Miranda Hart – which were crucial to make this epic comedy, made an incredible action comedy movie. Where do I even start ? The characters were great, the story was pretty alright, the action was awesome and there were very funny moments. I just can’t resist when you cast Melissa Mcarthy and Jason Staham ( even though he wasn’t on that much ) and joined them in a “couple”, there is already laughs confirmed, and it was.

7. Zombieland


There are three things that I enjoy – I like comedy movies and I like zombie movies but I love comedy zombie movies. Trust me I made my research, and this is not the only entry in this list inside that mold, but it is a very solid one. I mean, the cast is perfect – Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone and there is even a Bill Murray cameo – and the zombie parts are precious. It is impossible to hate this film, it’s comedy action at his best !

6. The Grand Budapest Hotel


If you already have seen this film, you may be wondering what was so funny about it, well mainly the characters and strange things that happened every minute. Ralph Fiennes was priceless, not to mention that damn cameos, everything was weird sometimes but that was exactly what made it so laughable. Besides, it was nominted for a couple of Oscars, includind for the Best Film.

5. Shaun Of The Dead


This zombie flick is that other entry that I was talking about earlier. I have seen it for four times and still causes the same effect on me, but that is no surprise because when you join Simon Pegg and Nick Frost you better get an inhalor for when you’re dying of laughter, I am not exagerating. This other movies prove that, Hott Fuzz and the World’s End, other great films that you should watch after this one. And this one, has a nice recipe for a nice relaxing time, not to mention the zombies which are a great condiment.

4. Hangover


Another powerfull group, but far better, made an incredible funny trilogy. However, the first one is the stand out of all the three. You have 3 completely different friends who lost their other friend and now they have to find him. The key of the movie is the chemistry between the three which is reached to perfection making unforgettable moments and probably a classic in a process.

3. Bridesmaids


Who would have thought that this “unknown” actresses, at the time, could become one of the most star power cast in a comedy film. They killed it and made one of the best comedy movies ever. An instant classic in a few years. Enough said.

2. Ted


When you hear that Seth Mcfarlane is directing a live action movie, you know you have to see it, and just like his tv animated tv shows, he creates the main character ( male ) his girlfriend ( or wife ) and then a weird animal who is brought to life. In Family Guy is a dog, in American Dad is the fish and the alien and in Cleveland is a giant bear. So he decided to follow that and made a talking Teddy Bear. Also, he made a very funny film with very good excuses for this and that to happen with typical Seth humour in it. Overall, the concept was interesting and the rest turned out to be great too. Same goes for the sequel.

1. 21 Jump Street


For me, this is the definition of an action comedy movie. The cast is perfect, the story is cool, the characters are funny as hell, the moments are gold, the cameos are unexpected but awesome to see, the action is top notch and the outcome is as funny as it can get. I have nothing else to say unless the marvelous sequel who was great follow up making an absolutely popular franchise who truly made everyone apreciate good comedies. You can’t miss out on this masterpiece of a movie, I mean movies ! At least for me, it does the trick.


What about you ? What is your favourite comedy movie ?


Comment below and let's talk about it

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