Suicide Squad – Review ( ha ha ha ha haaaa )


Here it is ! The review that I wanted to do more ! Let’s get started !

Just like BvS, Suicide Squad also attracted some controversy between critics and fans alike. The movie was a victim of bad critics that even resulted in a petition to shut down Rotten Tomatoes, which in my opinion, was a good move because RT is an awful critic website. Compared to IMDB, it looks like a child site, not to mention the sht scores they give to movies – wether is too much or too less – and btw you have no right to give 100 % of score to a movie because there is not one film that is worthy of that, at least for now. That is why RT is a bullsht website ! It’s not legit, it seems just a place where you can go and make jokes about movies.

Moving on, from a perspective of a DC fan, such as myself ( which at the end of the day it is the one that matters the most, the fans ), I can say that it managed to meet my expectations of it. So, before anything else, f*ck the critics !

I got the pleasure to see it in the movies and I absolutely loved it !

In relation to the characters :

Harley Quinn – Margot Robbie was perfect, it looked just like the Harley Quinn from the comics, and don’t get me started on those classic lines. She was by far, the best part of the movie.

Deadshot – Will Smith become a crucial part of the movie since he was portrayed as a sort of leader to the group, after Flag, and his performance was excellent. Another great part of the film and certainly an awesome character that Will will keep on his résumé. See what I did there.

Rick Flag – Joel Kinnaman made an incredible performance too, but what I liked most about him was the way he engaged with the squad. Couldn’t have done it without you soldier.

Killer Croc – for me, it was my least favourite character, but it did make some awesome moments and deliver some cool lines.

Katana Girl – even though she appeared midway, it was very cool to see her in a movie and at the end you started to relate to her with her husband’s background.

El Diablo – Jay Hernandez also delivered a character who turned out to become the one that I could connect the most ( I didn’t kill my family don’t worry ) however he was a very cool character with a clever sense who would do anything for the persons that  he loves the most. RIP.

Captain Boomerang – Jai Courtney gave me the most laughs in the entire movie, wether you say that he was just the guy who was there to deliver the jokes he was still a a realistic character, or should I say a realistic villain.

Enchantress – Cara Delevigne gave the life to this character in an amazing way, and even her not being the greatest villain, the Enchantress was so cool and her effects were amazing. That hand on hand move…damnit !

Amanda Waller – I am so glad that they casted Viola Davis for this role because Amanda Waller is that very cold person who does everything to get what she wants, and Viola killed the role and came back with a huge bang to the fans. In a good way.

Joker – Jared Leto, even though he wasn’t on very much, he turned out to be a different Joker than the others, however I enjoyed it a lot. He has his own laugh, his own way and his own look. Although, what I liked the most about him was how he carried himself with Harley Quinn and how their relationship worked.

In addition, for you people that expected a joker movie, well you are stupid as hell ! I also, thought that the Joker was going to be in the movie more time but I actually get why he wasn’t on that much. First of, he isn’t part of the group in the comics ( I originally thought that they were just going to put him in there ), second of, he wasn’t with the group on the main poster and third of, in the trailers he was never seen with the group. I, legitimately, think that he was well put in the movie, his parts with Harley were so real and the chemistry was there, the backstory was well told and the hunt for his puddin was very good too. I now think that we will see him again on the “Batman : Arkham Asylum” movie with him and Harley Quinn taking over it and facing the Batfleck. Just like the 2009’s video game. It would be a great follow up and a one that everyone would love to see.

When it comes to the action parts, I don’t have any words because they are top notch with marvelous sequences. And when you have a mercenary, a woman with a katana, a guy who has powers of fire and turns into a giant skeleton, a crazy girl who uses a bat as a weapon, a guy who throws boomerangs and a human deadly croc fighting together, you know that what is coming is some dope action. The CGI was nice too, a little too exuberant at times, but it was still very decent.

The soundtrack was filled with old songs but the most popular ones, that represented very well not only the moment in question but the craziness of the environment around them.

Now, storywise, it wasn’t the best but just like in the comics the story wasn’t a story who develops movie style. I hope you understanded. It isn’t a plot that it normally makes a movie you know what I mean. If not, just forget it then. The story in the comics wasn’t made for a movie.

But, the real issue that I got with the film was the villain. Enchantress wasn’t the worst villain but it also wasn’t the best, it just was a generic one of villain, though I get why they did that because the true focus was on them, the group. So, nevertheless, she was alright. A little too much CGI for me.

Before I end, I have to mention the Batman cameos, which played a small part ( as it should be ) but that lift the essence of this villains and Gotham. The one that I like the most was when Batman goes after Joker and Harley in the car, it feels so good to see that, finally this two together squandering against the Dark Knight.

In conclusion, “Suicide Squad” was a lovable comic book movie filled with epic characters, unstoppable action, enjoyable music and a decent plot with moments that we were all waiting to see. So wether it floped or not, the true is that is making millions all over the world and it is a great insertion to the DCCU.

I rant : 8,0 / 10


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