Fear The Walking Dead S02E10 ( 08 / 09 ) “Do Not Disturb” – Review


I am not going to talk too much about the other two episodes, because if I would, I would be here all night, so I will just say this. Surprisingly, the second half of the season has been an improvement from the first half and season one, it gave us new locations, new character arcs and fresh moments. Episode 8 and 9, basically, introduced the hotel location and the whereabouts of Nick and so far it has been very interesting to see this new culture that Nick is living in, even though I still don’t like the idea of him leaving for no reason, it’s so dumm.

Moving on to the episode at hand, I thought it was the best episode of the series so far ! We got to see Travis and Chris, they were just walking until they found a store who it turned out to have people, Chris had to kill two walkers saving one guy in the progress ending up stealing food from them and run away with Travis. They drove across the road talking about how the world is and the fact that Travis still has hope until the gas went dead stopping in an unknown location. I still sometimes hate this hopefull mind of Travis, try to see the things as they really are damnit, but got to admire the hope though.

They made a fire but later people arrived ( from the store ) and encountered them and offered them food and a little drive to the next location ( great dialogue that comes with this connections ), when they hit the road they found a farm in which Travis thought it was a great place to stay, however Chris wasn’t to fond with the idea. After that, “Killer Chris” ( as they call him ) went with them to see the barn that it was filled with chickens while Travis noticed two graves with names on it reaching the conclusion that someone was living there. He quickly went to the barn and warn them but they were to busy trying to catch the chickens, seconds later, a latin man came with a shotgun and threaten them to leave and Travis said that they would but Chris, after a guy took a shot to the leg by the latino, Chris shooted him resulting in a huge disappointment and heartbreak coming from his father. So, cool stuff right here, new characters and fresh plot ! I am kind of starting to relate with the characters, except for the mother, she is just so hard to connect with.

Now, in the hotel was where the fun happened ! Alicia, who was trapped upstairs, was trying to find a way to go downstairs without a walker to eat her to reach her mother and try to find Ofelia. She was counting the walkers that passed through the wall that she was looking at from the peep hole of the door and after a moment she decided to get out of the room but she was seen by a group of walkers from one corridor and then another one so as she was trapped, she opened the elevator door ( she has more strength than me ) and jumped to the ropes. Alicia couldn’t go down because some walkers fell down so she climbed the rope until she heard a voice coming from above of a woman who then helped her.

She was named Elena and she explained how she needed to rescue her nephew and how there were more people in the hotel and that she didn’t want to leave the hotel because this was her home. Eventually, Alicia changed her mind, convincing her that she would have more people in her group if she helped her save her mother and friends. They came up with a plan which consisted in Alicia luring the walkers to a room so that Elena locked the door but there was a consequence which had to come in the form of an Alicia trapped in the varanda waiting until Elena rescued her from the other side that almost turned out bad. It was pretty cool to see this type of action. As they arrived downstairs there it came a group of people with Hector ( Elena’s nephew ) holding him hostage so Elena then gave the keys that they were asking and quickly Alicia pulled everyone behind and opened the door of the main hall, that it was filled with walkers, and they walked right to the other people who then ran away . Alicia then entered the hall and saw a walker with blonde hair that it seemed like her mother, though she was found later in a room while they were running from a wave of walkers accompanied by Victor.

In conclusion, this whole episode was filled with cool sh*t that really surprised me coming from this godawful boring show. Hope they keep up this way and give me another nickname for it !

I rant : 7,9 / 10


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