Fear The Walking Dead S02e11 / 12 / 13 / 14 ( season finale ) “Wrath” – Review


Before anything, I must apologise for this second pause, specially in this period where all the series came back. However, all of that time will be rewarded because this week I will be reviewing all of the episodes ( so far ) of the series that are on my schedule for this new season :
Monday – The Walking Dead
Tuesday – Gotham
Wednesday – Rants
Thursday – Empire
Friday – Top 10
Saturday – Movies
Sunday – Presentation Of Awards

But for today, I will make an exception, since this review should be done before the TWD release ( can’t wait to see who died ). Just to get things clear, I will not explain every tiny detail, I will just resumé every story.

First of, I must say that the show has really improved, the characters seem more related and every part of the story feels much more important.
Let’s start with the Hotel location. Madison and Alicia had some issues there, for example, they had to heal Victor from a stabbing wound, they had to get rid of the hotel zombies ( which was a very cool scene ), Madison found out Nick’s location that ended creating some problems between her and Alicia, people ended up going to the hotel and in the end there was a lot of bloddshed. What I can’t stop feeling is my love for Alicia’s character, she’s really grown in the last episodes.

Now, heading to the colony, what troubles me the most is Nick’s character. He is so selfish, I mean I get that he is a lonely person, but leaving your family in a fcking apocalypse that is just playing dck. Despite that, the good  thing about it is that it gives you more range about this city and other characters to invest in ( plus more zombies ).
The interesting thing about this place was the rituals that they would do thanks to the huge faith transmited to the  population by their leader. So, Nick, become a friend ( then boyfriend ) of a girl called Luciana, which was the daughter of the leader, and basically what happened was the invasion of a people, that held a huge warehouse full of products, in the last episode. In the end, Nick managed to convince Luciana and the other people to leave before they arrive but  leaving one man behind, her father which had been bit, in order for their plan to work. After the invaders came and saw  that they weren’t there, they thought that the colony was already theirs but the leader drove the bus that was preventing the walkers coming in resulting in their deaths.

In relation, to Travis and Chris, they were the most intriguing part of the show. Back in the farm, after Chris shot the owner of it, one of their friends ( James ) got shot in the leg in the process so Travis had to treat the wound. However, after a week they tried to leave for San Diego, even after Travis warned them that it was destructed, but couldn’t because James didn’t make a ride in the truck without screaming of pain causing in a decision to kill him, except Travis who defended him. Until Chris, Brandon and Derek came up with a plan, Travis stood in the barn with James with a gun by his chest, though
in the morning after he heard Chris knocking on the door and letting him in, he quickly grabbed Travis and the others entered and killed James with a shot to the head. After that, Chris still has the balls to leave his dad and go with his new friends to San Diego( what is it with this male teenagers leaving their parents in a zombie apocalypse ). And of course Travis was let down, but just like the other people that got to the hotel, he went to it too finally meeting up with Madison and the others.

In the hotel, it was late revealed that Brandon and Derek made it to the hotel to and were in the garage with the other people, and when Madison went to them they said
that they crashed and that the driver couldn’t make it. After a while, Madison thought of what Travis said to her earlier about Chris and that matched up their story leading to the thought that the driver was Chris. They were soon taken out, and after a conversation between Madison and Victor about wether is right or not to tell Travis about the whereabouts of the kids and the telling of Chris’s death resulted in the decision of telling him, Travis saw them being taken out but stopped them and asked them where was Chris. Although, what he had was the worst answer possible, Chris was indeed dead but Travis noticed that there was something else founding out then that they killed
him after the acident leadind to a brutal fight between Travis and them in a locked room with a high level of intensity in it. Awesome scene !!! That’s what we want in a show like this.

In the end, they had to left the hotel because Travis injured one of “the good guys” in the process resulting in his death and resulting in the expulsion of them off the hotel. But it wasn’t that simple, because when Travis was pointed a gun at,  Alicia had to come through and stab Andrés and almost kill other ones, in the end Victor chose to be behind and they left to the colony where they thought Nick would be at, however what they found was the leader on the floor of the bus on his lasting moments, telling them where Nick went, to the border.

( Btw, Ofelia is kind of in the show, I don’t know why but she was on the desert and someone found her gaving her the welcome to a place called “America” )

Just to finish, sorry if this was too long and all of over the place, but it is going to be like that this week so prepare yourselves.

I rant : 8,2 / 10


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