Gotham S03E01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 “Anything For You” – Review


Sorry again for failling another promise, but the will is not much when you have to post a 5 episode review, so just like the FTWD review, this one is going to be very general.

As seen already, this season starts by focusing on the monsters that escaped Arkham due to Fish Mooney, so the hunt began. Jim is now a bounty hunter looking for this monsters, despite going to the GCPD now and again, he also gets involved with this new interesting reporter which I think it gives more dinamic to the show. And, come on, it’s Mulan. By this point, Jim it’s still the same and Lee’s return didn’t cause much problems at all. By the way, Lee is much more cool this season because she is married to Falcone’s son so that gives more drawning points to the story.

Fish Mooney was the main point in the first episodes, thanks to the monsters she controled, however she found out that she wasn’t that alright with her powers ( whenever she used her power she would get tired and weak ) so she kidnapped Dr. Peabody but that only made Fish more angry since she learned that the only way she wouldn’t suffer or maybe die from her powers would be to stop using them. She then killed her. After some time, Fish and his goons went to Hugo Strange cell and demanded that he would give her a cure but he just didn’t know how. The police was there and Jim did eventualy enter the house but was captured, so he proposed an exchange, Harvey ( who was held hostage ) for Hugo, and Fish accepted it, despite Hugo’s denial. Right when they ( Fish and Hugo ) were leaving the place, leaving the monsters to be taken by the savage people of Gotham persuaded by Penguin, they were stopped by he who threatened to kill Mooney, though Fish persuade our favourite villain by saying that he was his greatest work leaving him out of this worl, so he let them go and so far we haven’t seen her.

Speaking of the Penguin, he calls himself “the savior of Gotham” ( not really ) making speeches to Gotham’s population in order to take out Mooney and the monsters and become the Town’s Mayor, which he ended up being. After the whole Fish problem, Butch began to be very upset by the fact that Nygma was Penguin’s number 2 guy, so he antagonized Nygma all the time, eventually, leading up to a final showdown ( that happened in yesterday’s episode ). Butch came up with a plan that would see him protect Penguin of an attack of a group that he created ( red hood ) but the plan got cut short because Penguin and Nygma found the whereabouts of the group which led Butch to kill everyone in cold blood. After that, Penguin gave a whole new apreciation for Butch but Nygma discovered his plan so he made a proposition – they would both kill Penguin and rule Gotham – it caused some hesitation from Butch but after they took Tabitha hostage, his only choice was to accept.The plan went on but it was revealed as a trap against Butch but Tabitha freed herself and helped Butch, however it didn’t work out. Butch got catched but Tabitha grabed a motorcycle and went to save him.

On regards to Bruce, he left the whole Wayne’s corruption investigation because of a blackmail of the Court of Houls and so far he only kissed Selina Kyle and he is trying to find Ivy. And finally, Ivy is being developed, I am intriguing of what comes next for her.

Now, for last, there was a new villain introduced – Mad Hatter – that was a nice touch to the series. He’s introduction was very eye catching and surprising. Let’s see what he does next ? His next target is Jim Gordon !

Sorry again for this all on review but for now on ( after I do the Empire review ) I will review episode by episode just like I always do. 🙂

I rant : 8,0 / 10


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