The Walking Dead S07E01 “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” – Review


“The Walking Dead” is back ! And what a way to start the season. Didin’t happen that much, but what did, “weighted” like a ton of bricks.

So, as you may remember, last season’s finale left an awful clifhanger that shouldn’t have happened at all, but now I am glad that it did because this episode brought everything up to par perfectly.

Right of the bat, the episode starts with Negan taking Rick ( after the killing ) to his van and make him a challenge, get the axe that he throwed to a foggy street full of zombies, and while this, Rick gets some flashbacks of all the characters until he got on a bus and layed down. There, with zombies all around the bus, he relives the most awful moment in his life.

What it shows is Negan singing “meenie miney mo” ( again ) and this time it lands on the face of someone ( not on the camera ) and that person reveals to be noneother than Abraham. Now, in that moment, I didn’t feel that that was the right choosing because to be able to hate and fear this Negan’s character, we have to feel that he can hurt anybody and Abraham is not exactly that character that everybody can relate to and besides he died earlier in the comics, so I wasn’t that shocked. However, after Daryl attacked Negan, he stated that he said that he was taking one for free but…out of nowhere, Glenn takes Lucille to the head and what we see then is a disfigurated Glenn with his eye ball almost off and speaking to Maggie saying that he will find her. I must confess, that I cried during it. I mean, you can say that it was predictable since Glenn was the one who suffered that awful beating in the comics but after seeing that Abraham was the choosen one, the viewer doesn’t expect another dead, so that was what made it a shocking and sad moment. Also, they take Daryl’s hostage as the insurance policy, in case someone uses the wrong foot.

Note : the acting was the best I have ever scene, not only in this scene but in all of the episode.

Then, after Rick experiencied this for the second time, he jumped of the bus to a hanging zombie, due to Negan’s shots fired to the bus, and when he is almost falling of the zombie to a crowd of Zombies underneath him, Negan shots every zombie and Rick gets in the van ( with the axe ).

They arrive back to the campus and the first thing that Negan does is think of another ways to torture them ( well if only Rick looked at him the way that he wanted ), so he calls Carl, wraps his arm up and draws a line in his arm. Then, he asks Rick to cut his son’s arm or all of the others will die, so as soon as he about to do it with a lot of intensity build into it, Negan stops him and orders him to work and provide por him or else. Rick agreeds without even thinking twice and all of them go sit to a wide place where Maggie says to the others to leave her since she was the reason why they went there in the first place but they don’t accept that, they will stay together as they should be.

By the end, we see a broken Rick, riding the van looking at the most horrifying weeks of his life ahead of him, while the others in Alexandria wait for all of them to comeback, safe and sound.

In conclusion, I am so looking foward to happens this season, hope it meets the expectations that this episode set up. What did you thought of this episode ?

I rant : 8,0 / 10


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