My Top 10 Horror Movies…So Far

So, since the Halloween is just around the corner, I decided to do a “scary list” filled with my favourite horror movies, including some that I watched this whole month and they were scary as hell. Enjoy, and don’t be scared !!!

Here are my honorable mentions :

  • Cabin In The Woods
  • The Devil’s Backbone
  • Jaws
  • The Conjuring 2
  • Evil Dead 2

10. Scream


The reason why this movie is the lowest on the list is because of the type of horror that invoques in you. So, this being a serial killer type of horror, it’s less scary that a monster / spirit type of horror. However, what I liked the most about it is the great character development, the recurring plot, the originality of the killer and the out of nowhere twist in the end plus some nice jump scares. Go check it out if you haven’t seen it !

9. The Shining


While the first one is a serial killer horror, this one it’s not quite the horror that I look foward to either, though this classic presents an intense horror which I found unexpected. It gave me a whole new perspective of horror movies and proved me that you don’t need to use a spirit or a monster to strike fear to the viewers. Jack was crazy, scary and impredictable. Also, the music was ( being Stanley Kubrick the legend that he is ) over the top, specially, the “crazy song” where Jack goes mad. My heart felt like a bike sometimes.

8. Silence Of The Lambs


This is a fusion between the serial killer and the intense horror. From one side we have another murderer and in the other side we have very intense scenes involving him and Clarice and her and Hannibal Lecter. Personally, what makes this a great horror film, is the great villains and an use of a different cinematography, besides who wasn’t shaking when Clarice was alone with the killer in that secret cave with the lights out.

7. The Sixth Sense


This is more of a building tension movie than an actual horror “spot fest” ( jump scares throughout the film ), however the story saves it all and the incredible twist is a thing of another world. In addition, the acting is outstanding and taken to different levels, while the jump scares are a few but the main thing about them is the bizarre nature of them. It is a shame that M. Night Shamalyan only had the potential of making one good movie.

6. Insidious


This is the first entry that you can say that it exemplifies “true horror”. This horror flick, made by a genius director in the horror genre by the name of James Wan, takes on a family with a possesed son. As far as the story goes, it is well told, has a nice good few of scary jump scares, the characters are decent and in the end it creates a fun haunted ride through the spirit world. An eventual classic !

5. The Conjuring


Another film made by James Wan, this has some resemblences to the “Insidious” movie, with another spirit trying to possess a body, in this case the mother of the family that moved to a house in the woods. It has another good few of jump scares, unforgettable moments, decent cast and fun plot overall. What can I say about these too than the fact that they show the formula of a scary modern horror movie.

4. Evil Dead


An instant classic, this film even though watching it today, it can still crack some scary moments. Frankly, I prefer the this one than the sequel because of the terrifying situation of being alone in the woods in a cabin where your friends are being possessed by evil creatures . The special effects are very well done for that time, the zombies are terrifying and the whole movie is so entertaining and fun to watch. This is a classic horror film that I would see every Halloween, I am glad they are still developing the TV show.

3. The Orphanage


This is a horror movie that you may not know because it is a spanish one, however it is still very well known due to his creepy nature. There’s nothing more scary than an orphanage with scary things happening, for example, more than once they play the game of “red light green light” and in this movie when you count there are strange children behind you trying to reach you and the exchange between the camera on the main character and than the children it is heart wrenching. Scary as f*ck ! I challenge you to watch it !

2. The Exorcist


I think there are no words to describe this movie, every people on earth knows this movie and see it as “the horror movie”. I remember when I was little, I watched it and it was so disgusting and scary, I had nightmares. The story is about a possessed girl ( the original possession in the horror genre ) who suffers an exorcism by the local church’s priests, and just to remember of how creepy this f*cked up film is – after the possession her voice becomes a male creepy voice, she pukes to the priests’s faces, her face is gross as hell and she is all around horrible to look and endure her. For me this is the most scarier possession in the genre and the classic of the genre.

1. The Ring


This for me has no boundaries, it can happen everything on it. Let’s review the factors, it has a scary monster, being  a young girl coming out of a well with long black hair in front of her face crawling out of a tv, out of nowhere pump out jump scares, intense and creepy story, great spots and a satisfying but terrifying finish. This film more than the “The Exorcist” it gave even more nightmares and gave me the creep out on little girls and crawling spiders, since there is a part where she crawls up the well, super f*cked up !!! If you haven’t watched it, leave a like and follow and then close the website and go watch it, it is about time !

Sorry if it weren’t any of your favourite horror movies on this list, but I am not that kind of person who watches every horror movie ( despite liking the genre ) however I loved this month, I watched a lot of horror movies and I experienced a lot, can’t wait for next year. HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!! 🙂


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