The Walking Dead S07E02 “The Well” – Review


So, this episode was poor, but only due to the lack of excitement and action because storywise it was great. Despite that, we need Negan this season more than ever !

Starting with the review, this episode focuses on the other people in Alexandria ( mainly Carol and Morgan ) who are rescued from the zombies. However, during the zombie attack, Carol starts to “transform” the zombies into people in her mind, which shows some crazy acts that could come from her. Moving foward, we later found out that this people are from a place called “Kingdom” that has a leader named “King Ezekiel”.

And then when Morgan and Carol go meet him, Carol turns “nice Carol” after listening to King Ezekiel who she saw as pacific and type crazy person speak like he is king. I will admit that I didn’t like the introduction of another character, however I saw in the comics that this Ezekiel turns out to be very important for the whole Negan story, so. Moving on, Carol ends up leaving and calling that place a circus and tells Morgan that she is leaving.

As the episode progresses, we learn that King Ezekiel has a deal with the “saviors” by having to provide food for him. I am sick of this guys ! But I suppose that this means that there will be problems between Ezekiel and Negan’s group which also means Rick’s group involvement.

Almost at the end of the episode, as Carol is about to leave the “Kingdom”, King Ezekiel talks her through revealing that he knew all along that she wasn’t who she was and told the story of his life as a way of changing her mind which, basically, came down to a tamer that released his tiger, Shiva, after the outbreak and who was found by a group of people that saw him as a leader, from there the the land was build. He also said that the human being needs someone to follow so he fills that place in order to restore hope. Actually, it was one of the best monologues that I have ever seen and the best part of the episode.

By the last bit of the episode, Carol still leaves the Kingdom and goes to the house that she saw earlier in the episode, though after some time Ezekiel with Shiva knocks on the door eating a pomegranate ( that Carol denied to eat earlier when she met him ) saying that she should eat one, she then ends up smiling.

Concluding, In my viewing, this episode was more of a slow episode maybe compensating from the intensity of last week’s episode, but I also think that TWD even without an intense episode it would do a slower episode just like last season. The only difference is that last season, the second episode was awesome, but there was always that exchange from one set of characters and the other set of characters and I don’t like that. Besides, this season is all about Negan so try to interwine King Ezekiel and Negan as fast as possible, or at least Ezekiel with Rick. I just hope they do right this season !

What did you thought of the second episode ?  Was it dull or just character development ?

I rant : 7,5 / 10


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