A Great Experience with Hiver, the Gmail App

There are many types of apps to enhance your experience with Gmail.com. However, one awesome app for Gmail.com is Hiver. Hiver is great for many reasons. It is also inexpensive and worth every dime you pay for it. Here are some reasons why you should sign-up for Hiver.com!Track Email Opens Do you ever want to know who actually opens your emails and reads them? Hiver has this option and lets you track every email you sent to people to see if they actually open your emails. Once the notification comes up that they opened it, you know you have a chance at a sale or of them replying to your job applications you might be sending through your email. This is by far my favorite part of this app. I absolutely love it when the notifications come in that someone opened the email I sent to them. Shared MailboxesHere is another great part of Hiver. If you have a business partner and need to share a mailbox with them, invite them to the shared mailbox option on Hiver and once they accept, you two can have a shared email inbox to work together in. Another awesome feature of this great Gmail app!Shared LabelsI don’t use this feature yet but it is there whenever I need it! With shared labels, you can add a label to your email in Gmail, share it with other Gmail users, such as your business partner or whoever you want to, and they will get it in their email too. I am going to mess around with this feature and learn more about it soon! Other FeaturesHiver also has shared contact groups and email templates to use if you need or want to. I haven’t used these features yet but I know they will be great when I do need to use them. I think I am going to try the email templates next time I send an email and see how awesome it is. Check out Hiver now and see how great it will work for you too! Image credit: Wikipedia

Source: A Great Experience with Hiver, the Gmail App


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