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Write for NuRevueAbout NuRevue


NuRevue Entertainment was founded in April 2014 and we set out to become a prime media coverage source. Over the past few years, NuRevue has went from a on- person show to a new look into the entertainment industry. NuRevue’s rebrand has brought more attention than before and now is starting to pick up even more media sources and we would like to attend some of the major media events such as; CES (Consumer Electronics Show), E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo), PAX (Penny Arcade Expo). But in order to cover these events, we need people like you to help us cover all of these events and leads.

Write for NuRevue

We write about all kinds of entertainment that people still care about and some that only you care about. We are looking for people that will not bow to the masses and will not toe the line of corporate reviews and/or articles. Obviously we can’t just curse this, curse that, or curse them.. but we can definitely voice the truth and how WE feel about something in a professional manner. No sugar-coating, please. If the movie/game/show sucks, I want to read a review about how sucky the movie/game/show was. If the movie/game/show was good, I don’t want a fluffy review. I want details on what was good, what was bad, and what made the movie/game/show great! If you are a person that would love to fill in these gaps, apply below.

Write for NuRevueWhat’s in it for me?

I am very glad you asked that question. At NuRevue, we are not a streamlined organization yet. So, the best we can do is offer you a link back to your website, great exposure of your works, a chance to get your voice heard, the true voice without oppression, and the ability to know at the end of the day we did our best to make sure no one purchases, plays, or watches something that wasn’t worth their money 🙂 All you need to do is apply below.

People with speech bublesStill want to contribute in other ways!


NuRevue is meant to be a community for everyone who cares about entertainment! We could have some of the best writers in the world, but without Vuers(That’s all of you), NuRevue would be pointless. So we also have plenty of room for researchers, social media ambassadors, moderators, and just people who visit us and say hi! Sound like something you can help us with? Apply below!


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